Parallel Lines: On Project Management and Technology

About me

I've had the opportunity to manage projects and operations in library/information technology. I'm intensely interested in and engaged with project management, particularly in the technology space.

From 2013-2018, I served as a Program Manager for the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a regional academic library consortium in the Pacific Northwest. From July 2013 to mid-2015, I was the Alliance-side project manager for the migration of 31 institutions to shared management and discovery services using Ex Libris Alma and Primo. I previously worked in library systems and technology positions at Washington State University, the National Library of Medicine, and at Texas A&M University.

I am a certified Project Management Professional. I attended college at Texas A&M University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1989. I earned a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Louisiana State University in 1992. Prior to my undergraduate education, I served for six years in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, qualifying as an operator on the S1W (Nautilus prototype) and A2W (Enterprise shipboard) reactor plants.

Project Management

I'm engaged with the project management community. I'm most interested in the use of project management principles in technology projects. I'm an active member of the Project Management Institute.   More

Library and Information Science

Since becoming a librarian in 1992, I've written articles and presented at professional conferences on library technology topics, with an emphasis on digital collections, document delivery technologies, and library management systems. Many of my articles and presentation materials are available online in Washington State University's Research Exchange repository.  More

Naval Nuclear Propulsion

I created and maintain the Naval Reactors History Database, which provides access to digital content related to the joint Department of Energy/Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program. This program epitomizes, in the words of the historian Francis Duncan, the discipline of technology. Resources include budget documents, congressional hearings and reports, declassified technical reports, and photographic images.  More