Career development for project managers

If you’re interested in this topic, I suggest viewing Mark Mullaly’s Spring 2016 webinar (PMI content). I encountered audio problems during the recorded session playback, but I still found it informative, particularly when Mullaly described career constraints, including the perception that a PM is capable of managing a specific type of project (in a subject area), which is counter to the concept of a PMP being trained as a project management expert who’s capable of moving between disciplines or areas of industry. Mullaly’s response to the submitted question at the end of the presentation addresses this specific point. 

He cites the Wikipedia definition of career development, noting that it’s both personally driven and organizationally shaped. While the career constraints are real, based on communication with PM colleagues, Mullaly argues that career development comes down to personal responsibility: “proactively marketing and creating opportunities” in building a career in project management or moving from being a PM to another function within the organization.

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