Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) fundamentals

I’m interested in learning more about critical chain project management (CCPM) and read this 1999 Project Management Journal article on the topic, written by Lawrence Leach.

The abstract nicely summarizes CCPM, and the second half of the article includes an introduction to CCPM theory and the foundational work of Eliyahu M. Goldratt. A key benefit of CCPM, cited by Leach: “The critical chain plan effectively eliminates most resource contention before the project starts, and uses buffers for project control.” And, “[CCPM] focuses on developing and managing project performance to meet or exceed reduced activity times, thereby reducing overall project duration.”

An important point: This 1999 article compares PMBOK and CCPM, while the Critical Chain Method is a tool and technique of the Develop Schedule process in the PMBOK, Fifth Edition (

To learn more, I’ll be reading Goldratt's Critical Chain: A Business Novel (1997).

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