Running to Leadership: Lessons drawn from marathon running, from a PMP...

I just finished Running to Leadership: What finishing 100+ marathons on seven continents teaches us about success. I was motivated to read this book after hearing the author, Anthony Reed, speak at the 2016 Willamette Valley PMI chapter meeting on November 4 (three days before I took my PMP exam on the seventh). I found Reed's talk inspiring, including the part where he set PMI's PMP certification as a goal in organizations that he led in (and, as Reed writes, "as a leader, your role is to build strong individuals and facilitate trust between those individuals" (emphasis mine).

Reed's book touches on the soft and hard skills needed by successful project managers. For the latter, Reed emphasizes the importance of careful planning and risk management strategies, including mitigation to reduce stress.

But much of the author's work is in the context of personal project planning - this also came through during his November talk. A project team members who has a personal goal that s/he believes in will likely be a more effective team member - the focus on achievement benefits the work project and the team member is motivated to complete the work project successfully to free up time for their first-love personal project.

There’s currently one review of this book on Amazon. The editing problems noted in the review are a mild distraction. But I strongly recommend this book to project managers interested in self-motivation and team motivation. Anthony Reed hits on important attributes for the successful manager: optimism, careful and systematic planning, and thinking outside the box (which engaging in personal interests helps to support).

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