The future of project management and the coming talent gap

This Andy Jordan article is centered on PMI's release of an updated Job Growth and Talent Gap survey. The report projects an increasing number of project management demands that won't be met by project management professionals. For the United States, project manager job growth is expected to be about 214K each year from 2017 through 2027, with large growth expected in health care, construction, and information services/publishing. 

Jordan does a nice job bringing meaning to the data. Words that I didn't find in the PMI report:  agile or adaptive. Yet Jordan points out the increasing emphasis on adaptive methods in project management, underscored by the release the PMI/Agile Alliance Agile Practice Guide in the second half of 2017 (with PMBOK Sixth edition). It's not just that more project managers are needed - it's that more managers are needed who can work effectively with agile approaches - "more of a coach and enabler than a traditional manager." 

This leads to Jordan making some recommendations on reinventing project management (see article). 

I'm on track for teaching prospective PMPs on exam preparation in 2018 - both the PMI study and Jordan's article make me more excited about that. 

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